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Originally posted by CruiseStudent:
Hello, I am a student at The Ohio State University. I am doing a project that requires me to do market research on "cruise addicts" and I was hoping you guys could help me out! I've put together a short survey (I'm no survey expert so its not great) that I hope might give me a little insight into the world of the cruise addict. I'd love to hear all the information you all have available on your cruising habits, and thanks in advance for helping me out!

1. Age: 52

2. ***: Male/Female Female

3. Marital Status: Married

4. Approximately how frequently do you visit this site? other cruising sites? daily to several times a day

5. Do you consider yourself a cruise addict? If so, how and when did you realize? YES - the day I stepped on the ship

6. How would you define Cruise addiction? Think about it constantly

7. How many cruises have you taken in the past year? 5 in the last calendar year 3 years? look at the list

8. How do you quench your thirst for all things cruise related? chat with fellow addicts

9. Would you have any interest in a humour book about cruise addiction? nope

10. How do you book your cruises? through the internet? travel agent? Carnival PVP

11. Do you frequently or have you ever purchase reading material while on board the ship? No

12. How often do you read cruise blogs and why? For the information? Entertainment? Daily for information and entertainment

13. Do you prefer books/magazines or the internet for obtaining cruise information? Internet - a more immediate fix

14. As an avid cruiser, how do you keep yourself occupied between each cruise? chatting about cruising

I hope this isn't too lengthy, I appreciate your help!