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My wife and I and daughter are on the big 'T' on tax day.

Looking forward to it, I need a vacation.

This is actualy a graduation trip for my nephew and some of his friends and families from high school. My wife teaches at the same school so we know everybody. We did a similar trip a couple years ago when my youngest son graduated HS with a bunch of school families and it turned out well. My brother and his family went on their first cruise on that trip and obviously liked it enough to plan one for his son. He didn't have to ask me twice.

The kids have a good time and a little bit of independence without getting out of control.

Be prepared for lots of teens and kids as it is Easter week.

I've been to Cozumel twice before. Should be interesting to see the damage the hurricane did. Been to Ochos Rios and Grand Cayman once before. Nice places and fun stuff to do.

Just remember, there is no such thing as a bad cruise. Stuff happens, but hey, YOU'RE ON A CRUISE!!! So have fun.