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Oh my! Our cruise consultant just called and told me some more info about this Royal Caribbean cruise that sounds great for the 30th wedding anniversary vacation for hubby and me. So i went to and read some about the ship.

The cruise we are looking at leaves from Galveston. That would be fine -- EXCEPT -- to get to Galveston, you have to fly into Houston -- and that too would be fine -- EXCEPT -- to get from the Houston airport to Galveston cruise terminal you have to take a shuttle bus for TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES.

Yikes! That's the whole reason we wanted to fly out of the little regional airport near our home -- to avoid having a long drive to and from a cruise terminal.

So we're thinking we don't want to depart from Galveston, but from some other cruise terminal -- such as New Orleans or somewhere in Florida.

Can anyone here tell me more about the different cruise terminals in relation to how long a drive it is from the airport? We do NOT want to have to drive more than say fifteen minutes or so, but is this realistic? We don't mind a long plane flight and having to make connections, but there's no way we want a long drive through city traffic as a way to start our cruise and end it!

Thanks as always for your information, advice, and opinions!