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Welcome to cruise-chat.

(1) How often does skipping a port of call for weather reasons happen?
It doesn't happen often but still it happens, and when it is for weather reasons, such as high winds making tendering ashore unsafe, the Captain has the duty to look out for passenger safety.

(2) Am I too sensitive or is the no-guarantee-of-blue-sky comment pure sarcastic?
I think they were just trying to be upbeat. It certainly isn't worth stewing over.

(3) My travel agent told me that the ship should have at least tried to go to another port to make up for the cancellation. Is that right?
No, that isn't something the ship can easily do. You don't just show up at an alternate port. Your cruise tried to anchor at Mykonos but they couldn't. Too late to look for a port-of-opportunity. Typically an alternate port needs at least 24 hours notice to see if they can accomodate the ship. Plus, what other ports would be close enough such that they didn't impact the ship's return run to Athens? It is not like you were on a private yacht that could put in anywhere for a port visit.

Silversea is suppose to be one of the top cruise lines but I am not sure this is top of the line cruise or top of the line service.
Silversea *is* a highly rated line. So you missed one port and are ready to dismiss the cruise line and it's service? Seems a bit picky to me. Was the ship nice? Was the food good? Was the cabin, bar, and dining room service good?