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Hi Karen, Peb

Thanks for the info on Denali. We spend 2 nts Mt McKinley, 1 night Denali, and 1 night in Fairbanks, all at Princess Lodges. This will be brand new territory for me. I will definately take your advice and do a wildlife tour, sounds fantastic. I am assuming that Mt McKinley is in Denali National Park and as we have 2 days at Mt McKinely should I do the tour here. I am not a big history buff, and I see that Princess do a history tour of Denali, should I dump this and do something else instead. Fairbanks, could I get any further away from home! As this is the end of the cruise, we could stay if there is something really neat to do out of Fairbanks. How cold is it up there?..

Sorry to ask so many what must seem silly questions.