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Originally posted by kozman01:
Hello all. Glad to be a member of this site now that my wife and I have begun our cruising career!

We are cruising on the Miracle to Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize for 8 days on the 14th of December. Any help on the following would be great!

What excusions to take in each port?
Any info about the ship we should know?
Any info about cabin 8187 (Balcony)Panorama Deck
Is anyone else here going on the same cruise?
Anything that you think might be helpful so I can insure that my wife will have a great time. It's her first time cruising!

We are flyiing into Ft. Lauderdale the evening before.
Thanks again everyone and have a great day.
Kozman01. Here's a tip. One of the dancers will be my daughter. If you meet a dancer from New Hampshire USA that will be her. greet her with a hearty hello from her dad, and congradulate her on her upcoming wedding. The Senior sound tech is her finace. Then tell the people next to you in the audience that you know one of the dancers and watch the reaction. The entertainment crew will hang out at the piano bar or disco after the shows where you can meet them casually if you want to. They have to wear their name tags so you can tell how they are.

I also understand there is a Beatles review that is good. It's one of the main lounges production shows If you are a beatles fan don't miss it.

Have a great cruise