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Originally posted by penny3333:
Ok, I was waiting, but no one took the lead. They serve water in glasses. However, you need to try a dirty martini. It's a vodka martini with olive juice instead of vermouth. I know it sounds wierd, but it is a great sipping drink. I especially like it made with Grey Goose Vodka.
Chef Ken, you really do need to try a Princess cruise, you'll love it!


As someone who drinks "sauerkraut juice" I would try the dirty martini. You have no doubt heard of "dirty rice"? The "dirt" provided by the wonderful flavor of chicken livers.

I promise, I will, (my wife and I of course) take a Princess Cruise. Our daughter and her husband's first cruise was the Dawn Princess on the inside passage. It was their honeymoon and they loved it.

We later took a family cruise on Norwegian Sky, (now the Spirit of Aloha) and they felt it fell far below their Princess cruise.