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You are certainly not alone in your opinion of the Specialty Restaurants on Celebrity. My negative opinion was not based on selection of food (I agree, although limited - there was something that would appeal to almost everyone), nor the additional cost. I was "turned off" by the service and phony presentation. As I mentioned, I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit, but on my second visit, the head waiter was surly, condescending and spoke with a phony French accent (we came to realize this the next day when he was greeting people in the buffet in perfect English). He insisted that I would not like the selections I had chosen (based on my personal tastes) and gave me quite a difficult time when I stuck to my guns. He sort of growled and mumbled and was most unpleasant. Then, when it came time for the presentation, one of the waiters was not in his place at our table at the precise moment all of our meals were uncovered en masse and the head waiter proceeded to make it aware to everyone that he was miffed at the tardy server - which made all of us quite uncomfortable. Since I had one great experience and one awful one, I tried it a third time. It started out a bit rocky as I had made arrangements for a group of us to dine together and one of the couples failed to show up. While I know they automatically charge the service fee to no shows, they were less than happy with the whole group as they seated us. This time was not as unpleasant as my second visit,(at least the head waiter did not put on the pretense of a phony accent), but the menu was exactly the same as the 2 previous visits, service was fair - but not great and the food was not any better than what I was getting in the main dining room. So, I vowed to take a pass from now on. In all fairness, I must agree with you that the rooms are quite beautiful with elegant place settings and most tastefully decorated. JMHO

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