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I was on the cruise with BAS, and over 1,000 passengers signed a petition against NCL. NCL was aware at least 4 days prior to sailing that NCL was changing over 50% of our itinerary, and they chose to put their business interests ahead of our vacation experience. NCL also advised us by letter when we boarded that they had been monitoring the situation for weeks, but they failed to notify the passengers to ensure that we had no other options. I echo BAS's statements that NCL was very arrogant and treated the passengers very badly. NCL was not apologetic in the least and daily interfered with the vacation experience for me and my husband by abruptly changing the revised schedule to pull out of ports 1-2 hours earlier than published, so it was a nightmare. To all who read this message: How would you feel if you booked a Caribbean cruise and ended up on a man made beach in Mississippi? That's NCL's idea of fair, and you should strongly consider taking your business elsewhere. Is it really worth saving $100? I don't think so.