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Originally posted by Dave:
i was told that they did not think it was possible.
The correct answer from them should have been "let me call the cruise line and find out", not conjecture.

As Sandy and the others have said - it should be no problem. Is the 17 year old your child? If not you will have to jump through some hoops as far as having some documentation for being an approved guardian, and you'll need to be 25 or older.

Good additional points Dave. I forgot to mention the guardian and age issues. You will have to fill out a couple of forms (with his parents signatures), which have to be notarized yada, yada, yada, to allow a non-child minor to travel with you. You TA should also be able to get those for you. Its no big deal really and we have done it for our nephew traveling with us, so it is easily enough done but it will need to be.
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