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We are going on Celebritythis time. They had a White pass Railway and historic city highlights tour which just brings the bus one way and stops at a few areas on the way up or down, whichever, and then does a quick ride through the town . There is also a movie? presentation at end that takes from ice age to present. You do not have to do that if you want to just shop. That ran about $145, the train is $118 round trip. I checked the white pass site, and they are about $5-8 less if booked through them directly. It may not really matter unless really on a time crunch whether you book yourself or through ship. If booked through the ship they will get you back to the ship, if you book yourself, you will probably have to go back to ship yourself. If I remember correctly, that was not very far, maybe 2 blocks or so, but it was ten years ago that we were in Alaska. Have fun on your trip, it is beautiful country!