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This was on HAL. They advertise no tipping required; but it is expected. The Cruise Director will let you know at every show that TIPS are not required but they are appreciated. You give each person an envelope with the tip in it on the last night of the cruise. If the steward does not get a tip, what do you think happens to your luggage? It is outside your door. It goes overboard. This was my cheap@#% brother-in-law. It happened. Call me a liar, but we were there until we left them on the dock still trying to find their luggage as we left for or flight home. Sorry. If you don't believe me try it. This was not on Princess where you are automatically charged $10 pp/day. I think it is a fair way of dealing with people that do not want to TIP for sevice rendered. The employees work hard and do deserve the tips and $10.00 pp/day is not unreasonable. The last Princess cruise we were on people were at the desk complaining about the TIP charge. They were saying that they only ate in the main dining room one time and the rest of the time they ate in the buffet or had room service. Well I guess that was your personnal choice. What about the service in those areas? At that time the automatic TIP was $7.50. I guess they had to increase it to $10.00 because the passengers probably thought it was for all the employees and the room stewards were getting stiffed.\[This message was edited by RIDGID on September 13, 2002 at 07:57 PM.]

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