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We went to the Panama Canal on the Coral Princess and went to some of the same ports. For Acapulco, we went in a taxi around the city (terrible traffic and I'm from Los Angeles) and ended up at the restaurant/hotel near the cliff diving. Saw it up close and even had some delicious food (guacamole was superb). In Huatulco, we went on the lazy river raft trip. We were there on New Year's Day and were surprised to see so many families in the river, cooling down and relaxing.
The rafts hold 5-7 and it truly was a lazy river. Enough rapids to make it fun and we jumped into the water at one point which was a highlight. In Puntarenas we went to the Canopy Top Tram ride. Was a bit disappointing. Loved seeing the rain forest, but it was a long drive for what the tram ride offered and it was expensive.