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McBoland1: Before you decide anything, follow up and make sure that balconies aren't available. NCL has been lying to everyone and downgrading them and then selling rooms in the old catagory on their website for a higher fee. What else are they offering? On-board credit, a price reduction?

Let me give you two websites to check out and you can see what we have all been going through:
1.) Go to voyages and pricing and put in the date of your cruise, Hawaii, and for 2 people (more sometimes messes up the system). Also, do not put any Air Transportation info in. That will bring up a list of cruises and select the one you are on. It will then open a window showing available cabin catagories on that cruise. If you find a catagory you want, either call your TA or NCL directly and badger them to make the switch.

2) The other site is On that site, go to "Boards" and then select NCL under the cruise lines. (NOT ROLL CALL) Look for a thread called "Has anyone been switched from PoAmerica to PoAloha" (or something like that). It is six pages of people going through the same adventure you are.