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RCI has made the issue of turning over bookings more dificult. It used to take just a simple phone call and it was done. Now they require the request be done in writing. You have to send an email or letter to RCI with the request. For a company that has always been among the most T/A friendly lines with great policies, they're going the wrong direction with recent rule changes. I hope the trend doesn't continue in that direction.

Taking the onboard booking perks and shopping for an agency with add'l perks or lower rates as Sonny allueded to is a good way to go. Agency perks can almost always be combined with the ones you recieve from booking onboard and C&A benefits as well. C&A savings on balcony and above categories along with OBC for booking on the ship is already a huge benefit. Anything else you can get is a bonus!

Cheers, Neil