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What do you think is that too soon or should I book it right now???
Only problem there is something wrong with their site and it is only offering a few cabins for some reason just 7 of their cabin are available throught thier site.
maybe an online error? or do the travel agencies put a hold on their cabins?
If I call do they use the same site to book it??
Because I am looking for an specific cabin number what do you think??
Hi Cas, Congratulations! I hope everything went smoothly with the delivery. Sounds like a great gift to me.

I've never used their site to book through before. I did take a look and it seems they limit the cabin choices. Carnival (reps) don't use they same site to book with it, and they have access to all available cabins. Travel agencies can and do hold cabins, that doesn't appear to be the problem though in general with the site. I didn't go far enough on the site to see if it would let you change a cabin later.

Again, Congratulations and please give us an update!