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Originally posted by Raoul Fiebig:
I've thought about this, as well. I'm very sure they won't use "Norwegian Star" - that would be a waste of valuable resources, as they urgently need a large (and fast) ship in the Caribbean. Also, the "Star's" speed would be useless in Hawaii without calling at Fanning Island.

I agree with you 100% on that count.

NCL's own brand is in very bad need of newer and more modern tonnage. Ships like WIND, DREAM, MAJESTY, etc., simply cannot compete in today's market. They are not old enough to be classics but are dull and low-quality compared with virtually all competition.

I know using NORWAY as a US-flag ship is a long shot, but in this atmosphere, I really do not think anything can be ruled out.

You have to applaud NCL (never a favorite of mine) for having the ambition to embark on projects like this!