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Hi DeAnnaM, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Congratulations on your upcoming cruise and your anniversary. Bermuda is gorgeous, and the bus system is very user friendly. Sorry to hear your grandmother is recovering from back surgery, sounds very painful. The ships are so large that I doubt you'll feel any more motion in the rear than anywhere else on the ship, which is very minimal. Horseshoe Beach is a beautiful pink sand beach. It's been years since I was there, so I don't remember how much walking was involved, but I do remember how beautiful the beach was. The locals are very friendly and helpful, so just ask the bus driver and he/she can let you know which beach would require the least walking other than the ones Cruise Fanatic listed. There are plenty of free beverages on board, just not sodas and alcoholic beverages. There is coffee, tea, water (which is better than bottled water), some type of punch or lemonade at lunch, orange juice, apple juice, and grapefruit juice for breakfast. So, unless you have to have a soda, you can always find something to drink on board. I have not been on your particular excursion, but it should be very beautiful. You might even decide to try some snorkeling, the water is so clear. I hope your family has a marvelous time, perfect weather, and will become as addicted to cruising as the rest of us are. Best wishes, and once again, welcome aboard!