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Queen -

you are getting on the Gem in New York for 10 days, then the Sky out of Miami ??? Sounds wonderful, but I am confused...
No Problemo, the Gem is an overnite out of NYC (A CTN), of which I do to keep the seaweed between my toes, NYC is an easy drive for me and in this case, a special family ocassion to honor my recently deceased Lady -she was an ultimate cruiser and there will be a special private ceremony on board in her memory. She started at age 4 aboard the QM and never stopped cruising. We met on a cruise.

The NCL Sky cruise is another adventure out of Ft.Lauderdale
in which I am taking my 93yr.old Mom, she too is a long time cruiser. She has sailed on HMS Titanic's sister ship in the 20's!!(HMS Olympic)I have the cruising addiction too!!!