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Just like any cruise,,,some ships offer better food,nicer rooms,better beds,new ships,,etc.....many things ,,not just one...really must research each one as I mentioned for what YOU like...for instance,if you re not taking shore excursions,,don t take ones that price,,,like Tauck....if you like hotel style beds,,not couch like beds,,,look at rooms and make sure what they offer...if your prefer buffet for breakfast and lunch,,,like free wine with dinner,etc....lots to check out....then itineraries,,,,who offers best deal to area you want..
Re...churches,etc,,,on tours,,,yes,many do inc.them,,,museums,etc,,,but can go in or just sit outside,,,,,just tell can then meet up with group,,or go on own,either back to boat,,or do rest of town on own....they ll give you a map of town,little history, and places to see each day...many options...good luck,,,and let me know if I can help again...think he ll enjoy it....
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