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Although, in essence, RCCL is doing the PUBLISHED Diamond perks, Diamond members can see the cutbacks, there have been cutbacks from even last year...just the booklet alone is less than the ones we got as platinum...
  • 15% off a $100.00 bottle of wine;
  • Art Auction bidding credit: $75.00 bidding credit to be used toward the purchase of any work greater than $1,000.00;
  • 20% discount on a bottle of Dom;
  • bottle of wine discount: purchase any bottle of wine and receive 20% off a second bottle wine over $50.00;
  • 20% off the purchase of any 8X10 White Lifestyle Protrait Photograph (the ones where you have to get on the floor);
  • Purchase a Hot Beverage Souvenir Cup and receive one complimentary non-alchoholic coffee beverage (they didn't have anymore and we can get all the coffee we want in the diamond lounge);
  • One complimentary non-alcoholic coffee beverage (again, we can get all we want in the diamond lounge);
  • Johnny Rockets 2 for 1 milkshakes (again Johnny Rockets was originally free and when we were a platinum, the coupon was for the cover charge so it was free with the coupon);
  • Temporary tattoos: Purchase any size temporary airbrushed tattoo and receive $1.00 off plus a free full shimmer upgrade;
  • Diamonds International: $150.00 off Crown of Light Diamond Jewelry )Collection- Valid on any item with a minimum total weight of 1 carat!
  • Free commemorative Wilderness Express souvenir glass (this is for an Alaskan cruise-doesn't do you any good on a Caribbean cruise)
  • $5.00 off any laundry charge of $25.00 or more

    The only coupons we could use were the $10.00 off internet and the 3 free spins in the casino (using 6 coupons we got a $0.25 key chain)

    It is almost as if they have created a booklet knowing that we will not use most of the coupons...but then, again, they have kept to their word! The booklets were better when we were gold.

    For embarkation, there is not priority lounge and for disembarkation, they give you a private lounge and tell you have priority disembarkation BUT the tags for the luggage are not geared this way, so if you get off the ship have to wait for your color at the carousel on the pier. What's the point?

    It is as if they are going through the motions, but most of it is just to let you think you are being given priority treatment.

    The Diamond Lounge is small, right next to the smokestack and it you didn't get there by 5pm, you didn't get a seat. Offerings for bar were very poor...really bad wine (cheap chardonnay and merlot), only mixed drinks avail were cosmos (used some nasty mix) or rum punch; the food to nibble on was the same every night-

    They only gave us one card, so if I came later than my husband, I had to walk in when someone else was going in...shouldn't each Diamond member get a card...why should we have to ask for another?

    For the regular dining, they totally disregard requests that are made a year inadvance...why ask us and then disregard it? Shouldn't diamonds get good seats?

    They printed our status on our luggage tags which made no difference...1 bag took 10 hours to get to us!!! (with all the tags intact)

    We had to ask for the robes...the booklets were on the bed, so the steward knew we were Diamond.

    What happened to the gifts we have gotten all those other years?

    When I look how Celebrity is going in the other direction for their Elite; it has convinced me to give them a try. We are just not feeling valued...and I must tell you that I overheard alot of people complaining...and afterall, perception is reality.
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