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Greatest memories...I don't know where to begin as there are so many.

There was the time we were on SS Norway in 2001, which was then billed as her last Caribbean season. We were the last ship to leave Miami on embarkation day, and we remained docked as all of the other cruise ships took turns gliding by us and saluting our grand ship as they departed. The exchange of whistles was wonderful, and of course our SS Norway's blast was so powerful. Even the leisure boats joined in. We have the entire exchange on video/audio tape.

There was also the time that my son, then 9 years old, asked a little girl to dance in the Queen's Room on QE2. This was after dinner, and they shared the dance floor with many others. Our son was in a tuxedo, and the little girl looked like a princess. They fit in well, and none of the dancers seemed to mind -- many looked at them and smiled.

Of course, renewing our wedding vows on Diamond Princess was a highlight. So are our many evening strolls on an outdoor promenade deck -- of any ship. Watching my mother-in-law perform in the talent show on NCL's Dreamward in 1995 was a riot. I'm glad we have that on tape, too. I'm glad we got to cruise with both of my in-laws. They are both gone now.

Wonderful thread. I look forward to hearing others' memories.
Happy cruising!