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Hi Beachlover59, I gather you love the beach. There are 3 really nice beaches in St. Thomas and 1 totally awesome beach in St. John. The beaches in St. Thomas that I highly recommend are Magen's Bay and Coki Beach. Sapphire Beach is absolutely beautiful, but has a lot of small rocks on the entry to the water (the north end is the best). Sapphire does have good snorkeling, though. Magen's and Coki have many more water toys available. If you truly love the beach, grab the ferry to St. John and a cab to Trunk Bay. It is an awesome beach. Don't make the trip if the weather isn't nice, but if it is, it is definitely worth the trip. There is a self-guided snorkel trail about 50 yards from the beach, fresh water showers, lockers, a couple of shops, snorkel gear rental, and a snack shop. We've also done a couple of catamaran sail/snorkel trips (through the ships) that were nice. The snorkeling in St. Thomas is much better than in St. Maarten. The two visited beaches in St. Maarten are Maho and Orient. Orient is clothing optional (just so you know) and they do walk up and down the beach. The ones that are walking, shouldn't be uncovered at all. It is a nice beach, but you have to pay to go to the restrooms. The best way is to purchase a drink pass at one of the many bars and it will include a trip to the potty. We did a couple of snorkel trips there, but nothing to write home about. The last time we were there we did the America's cup racing yachts. That was a riot. A bunch of tourists manning a racing yacht. What a hoot! Both places are good for shopping if you're into that. I hope I haven't made your decisions any harder. Have a wonderful time!