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We also have a cat, Chloe, and here is her story.

She was a stray, and was found by animal control, nursing her 3 kittens. She and her kittens were brought to the local animal hospital. Her kittens I guess were adopted after they were healthy, and they nursed Chloe back to health. We adopted her in June, and I guess at that time she had been at the vet for 3 months. She was malnourished, flea infested, etc. from living in the wild.

She is almost 2 years old, as the vet put on the paperwork a December of 2008 birthday. SHe still has some of her behaviors from living in the wild. She paws around her food, making it known that it's hers, and doesn't want anyone else to eat it. In doing so, she makes a mess of her dry food. She'll also go in a corner, where we can only approach her from one side, so she won't get scared when someone comes up from behind, because nobody can.

A side note, she actually had the chance to go back out in the wild by accident. My mom was vacuuming out her car, and not realizing it, left the door from the house to the garage open, and the garage door open. Chloe goes out, again, my mom not realizing it. She comes back in, and a few minutes later, hears a meow, and recognizes it as a "distress call," and not her normal meow. She checks the usual doors, closet, door to the basement, etc. but no luck. She figures there's only one place left, and opens the door to the garage. Chloe comes zooming in, and goes right for her food!
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