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Penny, thanks. You're right, this is a better chat room.

The family had wanted to do a basic catamaran sail/snorkel trip but amazingly none are offered as excursions on this itinerary. Looked at Montego Bay for a private operator and found the Montego Bay Catamaran Adventure. Unfortunely the ship's schedule, 1000-1800, didn't fit their timings. So guess doing the 1 day at Sandals for $300 for a family of 4 (2 teens) isn't bad if it includes food, drinks and activities, even if it is only for 6 hours or so.

Maybe its just Royal Caribbean, but why do cruise itineraries have such bizarre port call windows??? We're only in Puerto Limon from 0730-1300 (??), Montego (1000-1800), and I think Cartegna is 0800-1500. I understand the ship's got to transit between ports, but I'd rather skip one stop and have a full 12 hours (0800-2000) or even an overnight in each port. Otherwise its a constant race against your watch to see how much more time you have.

Do the cruise companies save money on taxes/charges by keeping to these weired hours in port??