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Originally posted by TrvlPro:
Just an FYI, That 888 number is a fax only line. I've got some folks where I work checking into it with the cruiselines to see if their licensed logos are being used with permission or were copied and pasted in to provide the appearance of legitimacy. Now that the site name is removed I'll simply say that it doesn't pass the smell test. If it smells rotten on the surface...

Cheers, Neil

Jim and Neil,

It does not pass the smell test with me either. I have been doing some talking as well concerning the logo issue. If it is legit fine. But I don't want our Members falling for a scam if it is not. I am pretty sure if this is some kind of tie-in for timeshare they have to disclose it. At least in this state they do. I did notice one logo they were missing..CLIA!

I hope we get to the bottom of this!