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I just got off of the Pride 1 week ago. It was my 6th Carnival cruise and my husband's 4th. He is 28 and I am 29. The Pride was without a doubt the best ship we have been on so far. ( The others were Fantasy, Inspiration, Destiny, and Fascination.) The decor of the ship's atrium is very different from other Carnival ships - no neon and very elegant. To be honest, we didn't like it at first, but it really grows on you as it makes the atrium a much more relaxing place to be. There are so many places to just hang out on this ship! That was one great thing about it. Another was they finally put the dining room in the back of the ship, so you can actually walk the entire length of the ship on any deck. The layout of the ship is just so much more passenger-friendly!! Also, the lounges (especially the Starry Night) are beautiful. I did notice that the crowd seemed a little older, but there were still plenty of people our age. The food was really outstanding and the gym is really nice. I can't say enough good things about this ship. My husband now refuses to cruise on a "fantasy class" ship again!! I hope you enjoy your cruise and that this info makes you feel better about it!