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24 days with kids is too long. SOmetimes we (as adults) feel lik ethe 20+ trips are too long.There are so many great things to see but, you get bored after the first two.
Take great books, check out the board games with your family, there are lovely kids rooms, etc. Good Luck
MOM of 6 been there did it..LOL

Originally posted by Destin Mom:
We booked a 24 day HAL cruise on Zuiderdam for our family (two adults and two children- ages 5 and 6). How long is too long on a boat? Our fears are: food will be bad; will we feel like we are being herded on and off the ship and at meal times; we are younger and active- will there be other people our age and will there be kids on board; would you recommend a cruise of this length? I am worried we may want to jump off the balcony by day 12! I think the kids will love it...not sure about the adults. Thank you!