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Default are right on track!!

I do exactly what you are doing. Comment cards
(all 3 or 4 on every cruise..depending on if our older son gets to go) and letters to Dickerson (now Cahill).

IF the squeeky wheel gets the grease...I figure I will just squeek them to death!!!

We are going on 6 cruises this year (3 on 5 of them and 4 on the other) that is 19 comment cards from one family in one year.

Everyone...join in the campaign!!!!

Black Elite card for 25 cruises.....a silly insignia is not cutting it!!!

(although we have enjoyed using the 25% OBC!!!)

I have also promoted the perk of reciprocating benefits to sister cruise lines. It would be smart on Carnival Corporations part. This would "move" Carnival folks up the finanical food chain to more expensive cruise lines like Princess and Cunard. I would be much more likely to try both of these cruise lines if I could get the perks I have earned on Carnival!
(this suggestion I sent to Mr. Arison)