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On our very first cruise on Mariner, our first Eastern stop was Nassau. Next to Ocho Rios, it is now the second place I hate. There are, I'm sure, many nice places and cool things to see and do, but we didn't even make it off the pier where we docked, and we were met by some of the most agressive "salesmen" pitching their rides and excursions and "deals". My wife almost went back to the ship afraid. We finally made it through the crowd and walked around the town on our own, but for a first stop ever, it almost put us off crusing ever again. Obviously every port and stop if different, but it was a little upsetting.I have heard that Atlantis is very nice, and the shopping is good also. Sorry to be a downer.
Have fun anyhow! As we say, do it once, and you'll be hooked.

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