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Hi Maryann, I was on the Inspiration the week of DEAN, heading to Calica and Grand Cayman-we were rerouted to Nassau and freeport. We were also going to Xel-ha. Dean kinda blew our whole vacation-no pun intended. I had made reservations at Xel-ha online and they were kind enough to refund me due to the storm. When we got home-I made Reservations with Carnival for 10/13/07 on the same ship going to the same place and intend on going to Xel-ha once again. I called Carnival to ask what the extent of the damages were down there and they say everything is ok and that there was only minor setbacks from the storm-If you go on Xel-ha's web site you could probably get a phone # to call them-we are renting a car at the peir to drive down-it's only like 15 bucks-cheaper than a cab-our cruise is still a month away, so I'm not worried-if there is a problem,they'll have it repaired by then-your a little closer-you should probably check on it-have a great cruise!!!