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Well, the deal is that we all know that the offending crew member or two are not the only ones affected by removing the tips.

I did remove the tips from our account and in spite of how angry and disappointed I was, felt very guilty about affecting the money earned by everyone else involved in feeding and cleaning for us. However, I did personally tip the bar staff, two of the barristers in the coffee shop, and the sandwich makers. They all served us well, and although I excluded many of them by removing my tips, I just had to make some kind of statement that would hurt where it mattered.

I know this is a real bone of contention with frequent cruisers and removing tips is one of the great sins, but I was just so frustrated to be treated like I was, I guess I just reacted the same way they did -- poorly.

Anyway, I'm going to book another cruise for December and this time out of Tampa. Hopefully this will never happen again or at least not on the next cruise. That would make me really sad.

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