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Mella, just came back recently from Malta. There is a great deal to see in Malta such as Mdna (wonderful to see) and Tarxien temples, fishermans port etc...if you do some research you will find information. The walk is not bad and the buses to our experiences were not at all expensive. We hopped on One bus and did Mdna, Tarxien and then back to town to explore there. I do however say that We felt Tarxien was a waste. took only a few minutes to walk through (though cool to see 3000 bc rocks)but took 30 minutes to get there. Did make a friend there..Gordon..a resident who I keep in touch with who did afterwards tell me about the Grotto and I have to say I do regret not some homework...look up bus schedules and the stops they make and just pick what you feel suits you taste.

enjoy..the people are nice