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I've only been on 16 cruises, wish it could be a million and 16. I've been sick on two cruises, once on Carnival and once on Royal Caribbean. Neither times do I believe it was the cruise lines' fault. I truly believe I would have become sick if I had been at home as well. I can't speak for everyone who has become ill, but I firmly believe my body was worn down from being stressed out at work. Maybe I picked up a germ on board, maybe at work, maybe on the plane, maybe in the airport, maybe in my own home. The media sensationalizes everything, they don't report news anymore, they try to make a mini-series, multi-dollar extravaganza to get their ratings up. It's totally ridiculous. With all the people who go missing daily, few are reported. If it happens on a cruise ship, it's blasted on tv, radio, front page headlines, they'll do 20/20 reports, 60 minute reports; like I said they'll make it a mini-series. It's not reported how many people get sick in any city, on any particular day. I've only been on NCL, RCL, HAL, Costa, Carnival, and Princess. All of these lines have people working continuously cleaning, painting, vacuuming, emptying garbage, etc. I've stayed in hotels that were 5 star rated that weren't as clean as most of the ships I've been on. As one person recently posted, and now Geraldo reports from on board...