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As a first time cruiser (coming up in December on Fantasy), I'm officially scared of the posts about Sign and Sail. But I guess I have no choice. I wanted to ask you seasoned cruisers about it:
1) I should use a credit card?
2) I should review my bill and keep track of the slips just for any charges I didn't make?
3) We have 4 people in our group, and are going for 5 days, so I should expect Carnival to charge me $200 in gratuities at the end?
4) Can I get a sign and sail in advance of the cruise?
5) We are not big gamblers or drinkers. We have two small kids. Estimates as to how much I should put on the card?
Thanks in advance for your input!!!
Hi, and Welcome to Cruise-Chat!

1.) You can use a credit card and I recommend doing so for any disputed charges.

2.) Yes. I have caught errors on occasion.

3.) If all 4 people are on your account the gratuities will be charged to the account the first day.

4.) No. You can set it up in advance while filling out the Fun Pass info.

5.) That is anyone's guess. It's going to depend on what you purchase obviously. Shore Excursions, Gift Shop, or anything else they are selling will be cashless and go on the account. Typically discounting all alcohol purchases and Shore Excursions I would have only the Gratuities and a few Gift Shop purchases on the account. For a 5 day cruise the amount to secure the Sail & Sign account is $200 per person.

Look Here for additional details.

Welcome aboard,