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Are members able to shed any light on our predicament? On our last cruise we were registered as Silver members (at least 5 completed cruises). We were in the process of downloading our e docs for an upcoming Panama Canal cruise on the Star in November when we noticed our status had been changed back to Bronze, thinking this was a “typo” we called NCL and were told that there were no records of a cruise we took in 1998 as they were now on a “new computer system” we were asked to prove we had indeed taken that cruise by faxing them documentation, we found receipts and other records of the cruise and expected that our silver status would be reestablished. After a few weeks we called and e mailed NCL asking why this was not reflected in our still to be down loaded e docs. Now we are told due to a policy change back to back cruises only counted as one cruise and since we unfortunately had taken a back to back in 2008 we were no longer Silver members.

We find this a little hard to take when rules are changed mid stream, nothing we can really do but it does leave a bit of a sour taste. On our last correspondence with NCL the e mail stated their position and we would again become Silver members after our next cruise is complete and quote “we should have a nice day” We feel as passengers we should not be penalized for taking back to backs.

There are only a couple more perks to being a silver member however we do feel a little cheated and as a good will gesture they could reinstate us. We have always been very loyal to NCL and really enjoy freestyle.