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While at Labadee the Prime Minister of Haiti was there to greet the ship and have a ceremony to promote Haitian tourism. I got pushed aside by his security team as the entourage entered the little open-air theater they used for the event.

I think pricing will come down once the Allure debuts next December.

I have to admit that I was surprised they had lobster tails for the Labadee barbecue lunch. You could take all you wanted. So there I was, with a hamburger, some cole slaw, and a few portions of lobster tail (they were small).

Labadee has a charm to it. One thing I like is the marching band that performs there. This is a local school band with the works - drum major, majorettes, a full band. They march around playing all day. I liked it when I saw RCI let the band members get in line for the lunch buffet. In a country as poor as Haiti I'm sure those kids appreciate a nice meal.