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Originally posted by gdjoslin:
Thanks Lisa that one sounds good. We are also looking at one out of Miami on the Triumph. It does Half Moon Cay, St Thomas, San Juan and Grand Turk.
Does anyone have any comments on this one?
we meet with out Ta Friday or Monday. Waiting to see what options she gives us.

Ok I am from Puerto Rico(San Juan)
Is not normal that hurricanes hit us during june, july and aug
Normally they start from september to november
So don't worry about them by that time they only get to a tropical storm in a worse case..

As for the hot temperatures
Buy excedrin is hot here,
I have been living here all my life and itcan be very hot sometimes
but remember thats why we are always at the beach during summer and that's why you like the caribbean no??
don't worry if you need any INFO please let me know...