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I have to comment on this. First of all, I wish I had read pennie's responses BEFORE I went on my cruise. In that case, I wouldn't have purchased these Royal coctail cards. I read somewhere that someone was told by a security agent that bringing alcohol in your bags is perfectly fine as no laws are being broken. Now if you buy your liquor on board, then it becomes a problem since they will hold it until the end of the cruise, plus you have a custom's declaration amount you are limited to for purchases ($800.00/person $1600.00/couple) And I know for sure some people have even brought cases of their own soda on board. I was however very disappointed to find out after the fact that these drink cards offered on the ship are in fact a bargain of $40.00 (including gratuity) for 12 alcoholic drinks but like Pennie said, they are restricted to non-premium brand's. Was it worth it? I had to settle for drinks I didn't really care for. I personally feel that $6.00 (for a premium brand drink) coctail is not all that bad if you end up getting what you really want. I ended up paying for drink cards AND individual drinks. I really can't complain, I spent $200.00 on drinks (bottles of wine, soda and drink cards) for the entire 7 day cruise, this is including the 3 kids we brought with us. Figure out what you like, do your homework on cost's, and budget yourself....

Also, take advantage of what the snack bars offer for drinks. On enchantment of the seas, they had coffee, tea and water offered almost all the time (with all the fixing's, sugar, lemons etc). You can pour yourself a glass and bring it to your room. By the way, the water on the ship is the best I've ever tasted, even better than bottled water.