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Yeah I know what you mean. We also like the beaches and we like to take worthwhile tours. Last time we went to Barbados we took a tour of 2 plantations and that was the highlight of that cruise. Like Penny, we also like to snorkel, but since my neck always bothers me when I do that, I can't snorkel at every island. In Antigua we want to find a really nice beach to go to. It must have hammocks of course, gorgeous scenery and a bar for drinks. Anyone have suggestions?? For that matter, any reccommondations for the same on Martinique and Grenada too? Chooch, I think that because there are so many stops on this cruise, it's really hard to sort out all the details, certainly easier for me because you and Penny will be going first then you can both tell me all about it! Boy am I lucky! I didn't get too exited with the ships excursion book that they sent, except maybe for the St. Lucia Land and Sea. I've heard that that one is not to be missed, but I could be wrong, I've certainly gone on a few bad excursions that came highly recommended in the past. There was a few sail/snorkel excursions that looked good as well. I am not afraid to do our own thing on the islands, away from the ship's excursions, makes it really exiting. Just be sure to carry at least 2 watches. My biggest fear is that my watch battery will stop. I have some friends who got stuck in St. Martin. They were lucky though because there was another couple that left thier small child on the ship while they went to go shopping. They called the ship and they came back because of the small child, but otherwise they wouldn't have. Yikes! If that did happen to you, just book a flight to the next island, no problem mon! One time when we went to St. Thomas on a cruise we rented a jeep and went to different beaches. That was a blast. I read that in Antigua and a few of the other islands that you're going to, you have to get a temporary license for $20. Renting a car and not knowing where you're going can be stressful. St. Thomas was easy, not too many roads to get lost on but we did get lost in St. Martin on our last cruise, should have gone on a beach exursion.