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Montego Bay is really a pretty port, too. We did a tour there and went to Rose Hall. Jamaica is a beautiful island, it's just ashame that the locals don't recognize the gold mine they have. Instead of being aggressive trying to sell stuff legal and illegal, and sometimes robbing tourists, they should be working on ways to show case their island. The coffee plantations, the rum factories, the beautiful rain forests, there is just so much that island has to offer and they allow a few to ruin it for the many.

I have to agree with Dwayne, St. Thomas or St. Maartin would sell me on the Eastern. Even Grand Turks would be a great option.

However, a cruise is fantastic without ports I do try to book itineraries based on where I haven't been before. At least 1 new port. Sometimes I can't, but my goal is to visit every island in the Caribbean