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Well, our family went on our cruise in Dec. we had a wonderful time(thanks to all of you) we went to Dunns River Falls in Jamicia, Captian Marvins in Grand Cayman (snorkeling with the sting rays) booking though them is much cheaper than the ship, which was awesome, just wondered around and shopped in Costa Maya, and in Cozmel we went on a ATV Mayan jungle tour, which was the best thing we did on the whole cruise. We bought jewerly in Cozmel at the place which was posted, we ended up getting 50%off our jewerly becasue we brought in the review that was posted on cruise reviews. Of course we went to Carlos and Charlies and need I say more about that place!! When got back, and the only thing I would do different is take the next day off of work. I went back the next day and with all the laundry had and jet lag etc. it really whipped me, I am 45 yrs. old so maybe that had something to do with it. My mom who is 65 yrs.old loved everthing and so did all the kids, 16,17,19, 20 and 23yrs. We had this cruise instead of Christmas, birthdays, etc. and it was the best thing we ever did. I loved free style dinning, and we made a reservation every night athe the four season , main dinning room at 6:00 and always had our same table waiting. I would recommend that if you like to free style , make your reservation the night before if you have a big group like we did. I know this is long but thanks to all of you we had a awesome cruise. Thanks and God Bless, Sue


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