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Hi all,

I'm doing a project on traveling and the Internet for a class. I have some questions that I would like to ask people (either frequent or novice travelers) I'm looking for personal accounts since its been hard finding academic articles on the subject. If you're willing, please answer the below questions and send to Thank you so much!

1. What is the primary way you plan your travel?

2. Why do you choose this method over others (travel agent, airline directly, internet)?

3. What do you see as some limitations and drawbacks to booking travel over the Internet?

4. If you have been first time travelers to certain locales recently, why did you choose that destination and was the Internet a factor?

5. Have you ever had any disappointing experiences when booking through the Internet?

6. What options do you wish the Internet had in terms of bookings?

7. If you used to book through a travel agent and now primarily use the Internet, why did you switch?

8. How much time do you spend researching a travel locale on the Internet. Do you feel this prepares you for your trip?

9. What is your age and gender?