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Nassau has a market area in town, great for cheap stuff. Like a flea market only covered. We decided to check that out and then cought a cab to Atlantis as our water trips were all canceled due to weather.....not a disappointment. Awesome! There is a free part to the aquarium and a paid portion but not expensive. The hotel and grounds are really something to see. Nassau itself (town) not really much to see. Anywhere you can swim with stingrays do so. It is an experience of a lifetime and we still talk about Stingray city in Grand Cayman. Labadee also has a market area and when we were there, snorkeling was so murky couldn't see anything. Not royals fault, storm the night before but be prepared for that. The lunch provided was great and the sunbathing exellent. Lots of shells along the cove side to be had. Cozumel has great beach and snorkeling day trips. We took a party fiesta boat and went to Playa del Sol. Great for snorkeling because they have placed miniture Mayan reproductions under water and lots of fish and things to look at. Also the snorkeling are is roped off so not threat of water machines running you over. There is also a small market area and restaurant area connected to this. Party fiesta not for children but Playa del Sol definatly for the whole family.