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Hi fourlakesheather,

Welcome to Cruise-Chat! Since I have never heard of the site before and I'm in the industry, I decided to go to the site and check it out. The first thing that struck me is that there is no phone number anywhere on the site. even when you click on the "Contact Us" tab it generates a fill in the blank email format with no phone, name or email address to anyone specific with the company.

I thought perhaps I was being overly skeptical and proceeded to perform a mock booking online using fictitious info other than a real email address because I want to lay eyes on whatever they may send as follow up info. The second red flag was when I arrived at the payment taking screen. There was no box to allow for a credit card (which can be disputed and often reversed in cases of fraud). No PayPal option, common on reputable online only purchase sites like EBay and others. The only tab that appeared was a Western Union, CashGram option. You have to pay with something that has no protection in case of fraud.

I'm an agent for an online agency I'm proud to work for. I know of other online agencies that are reputable as well. Not accusing, not saying it's a fraud, not implying that these possibly suspicious things are cause for alarm but I do think they are cause for concern and more digging before you pass any of your hard earned dollars their way.

Perhaps someone here has had experience with them and can tell you of those experiences.

Cheers, Neil