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Here is part of my review of our 5/09 Oosterdam cruise that stoped in Catania.

Today we are in the city of Catania Sicily. We arrived early at 7 but we didnít get off until 9:30 as we just planned to walk around town. It is another beautiful day although you canít see Mt Etna very well do to haze and clouds. Mt Etna sits right behind Catania and has been destroyed several time by the volcanic eruptions.
I had copied a walking tour from Frommers web site and we were able to get a good map from the port information booth inside the terminal. We didnít use the walking tour in order but used the information for each stop.
We left the port and walked up Via Cali to Via Emanuele. We turned left and continued down the street to the Piazza Duomo. We stopped in a smaller church right before the Duomo which was open. It was a very pretty church. When we got to the Piazza Duomo they were having Mass so we couldnít go in. We took pictures and continued passed the Dioceese Museum under the arch and turned right. This is the start of the outdoor fish and produce market. A real slice of Sicilian life. The were more kinds of fish and sea food than I ever knew existed. The amount of different fruits and vegetables was incredible too. It was very crowded with many vendors yelling to buy there products. The streets were crowded too with traffic backed up as far as you can see.
From there we walked to the Ursino Castle which was only a few blocks away. It was free to enter and had some interesting artifacts. A few blocks from the castle were the Roman ruins. Unfortunately they were closed for renovation but from the outside they looked impressive. It is actually a 17,000 seat amphitheater jammed among the city buildings. You canít see it from the street. You have to enter the museum on Via Emanuele. We were able to look through the windows and get a glimpse of it. We than went to the church of San Francesco Immacolata which is right down the street. We walked up Via Crociferi passing several baroque buildings.
Since it was hot and we were getting hungry we decided to head back to the ship. We walked back by the Duomo to see if we could go inside but it was locked up tight so we then headed back to the ship.