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We're heading back to Hawaii for our 4th time in April. I would agree with everything that Karen has said, and would like to add a couple of other posibilities. Wear sneakers or sandals on the beach. The sand is HOT, and burned my feet the first time I tried it. If you're into Flee Markets, there's a fantastic one around the Aloha Bowl Stadium on Saturdays and Sundays. They have shuttle buses that drive around town that will take you out there. This also sounds terrible, but everyone that's been there agrees, Punch Bowl Crater National Cemetery is a must see. It sits in the top of a long dormant volcano, and the view is spectacular. While on Kauai, try to get a tour that will take you up to Waimea Canyon if you have the time. This in our estimation, is far nicer than the Grand Canyon. It's nowhere near as large, but the multi-colored layers make breathtaking pictures. Have fun.