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We did Sabatini's and the Crown on the Emerald, only because some friends sent us gifts. I could not believe the food. Sabatini's was just too much for me. I swear we were there 3 1/2 hours and there was enough food for 6 people. I just can't eat that much at one time. I loved the Crown Grill. We had the Black and Blue onion soup there, and it is totally amazing. They put Jack black in the broth and blue cheese in with the gruyere. I drool everytime I think about it. I had a petite fillet, and it honestly could be cut with my fork. It was much better than the fillet I had at Ruth Chris.

The Sanctuary is one of my favorite spots. Great view as you're coming into ports, too. I took quite a few pictures from there. It helps that it blocks some of the wind. I am really ready to be on board, seems like forever since my last cruise!