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I used to be in the Air Force tracking things in space, and atmosphere. So, that stuff is still dear to my heart. I found this website while I was surfing NASA website. You can see the shuttle and or international space shuttle, either separately or together when they are docked, with the naked eye. They also have a world map, which shows where it is currently. It goes around the world so fast. It looks like a big, white light, flying VERY FAST through the sky. Everytime, I see it, I just think it is so cool. Awesome. If there are any other space geeks out there like me, here is the website Once you are there, click the tab "Realtime Data", then click "Orbital tracking". Then it takes you to a different screen for "Sighting Opportunities". Then, click on your country, and city. I just thought I would post this for FYI. Lil' Lori

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