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Some have obvously had a bad trip.
Any ship can have a bad cruise. Because
Carnival is a little less money you
often see a younger and more casual
crowd. The ships are comfortable and the
food good. Do not judge a ship by the way
some one dresses. Out of 2000 people and
the vast amount of places on
a ship we always find friends and a great
place to hang out. We love Princess but
have seen plenty of jerks and bores on
that line too. On the Ocean last Feb
the staff said the Christmas cruise was
a disaster. There was a food fight in the
dinning room among three tables. This does not
mean Princess is any less in my mind. When
you open your doors to two thousand people
you can rest assured you are getting a cross
section of humanity. All the major lines give
good value and offer you every chance to
have a fabulous trip. Our job is to relax
and not eat too much. Enjoy the ride. Days at sea
are the best in your life. Bill